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An advanced development in cell biophysics. Focus area: human body biophysics. Method of exposure: biophysical processes are being corrected by the means of a molecular-cellular physical therapy. Result: improvement of physiological functions of an organism against various diseases and additional health care in everyday life.

Over the years we have developed the technology that uses the mechanism of the cellular vesicular transport system and the quality of water to transform its cluster structure.

Finally, we are delighted to present the most safe and efficient health care technology - CHUDO.


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In 1999 Russian scientist S.V. Zenin defended a doctoral thesis concerning the discovery and complete decoding of the water cluster structure at the Russian Academy of Sciences' Institute of Biomedical Problems.


Each cell is a factory that produces molecules and sends them to other cells in different parts of a body.More

Патент РФПатент США


The CHUDO technology is patented in the Russian Federation and the United States.


The CHUDO technology consists of a mobile phone application and a connector. The application forms a CHUDO structure transmitted with the help of the connector. A CHUDO structure is a safe (approx. 1,5V and 0,001A) structured electrical signal of a healthy modulation that improves physiological functions and normalizes biophysical processes of an organism at molecular-cellular level for various diseases treatment.

Galina Grigoryeva

a producer of documentary films, Channel One

I threw a glance into the mirror, and I was amazed, cause the herpes almost disappeared. More

Leonid Dzyunik

a concert producer of «t.A.T.u.» and «Smash!»

A year ago my grandchild was diagnosed with a reflux disease. He has been being in hospital for two weeks. More

Natalia Usoltseva

a manager

Bravo, biophysicists who created this wonder. It is really difficult to explain a health-improving effect using other words. It is just a wonder. More

Yasha Chelabiyev

A co-owner of a building company

I had got an adenoid disease. One month and a half later it disappeared. More

Natali Morozova

A businesswoman

My son got a flu and recovered in two days. The process of getting better used to take much more time. More

Sima Musatova

An event-producer

My weak point is my throat. Becoming a bit cold leads directly to the throat pain. More



All you have to do is to take a CHUDO Connector in your hand or to apply it directly to your body, run the app on your smartphone and get a CHUDO structure to help your health. More



The concept of a CHUDO wristband.
Stay tuned.

CHUDO technology

Nowadays complex ecological situation, GMOs and stress weaken the immune system, but CHUDO will help your boost your health.


The connector is an instrument for transmitting CHUDO structures.


The CHUDO app forms a structure for the connector.


The cable connects the connector and a mobile device.

No age limitations, contraindications or side effects. The connector is not a medical device, it is designed for a transmission of a CHUDO structure. The CHUDO technology allows to improve physiological functions of an organism and provide additional health care for various diseases, as well as support health in everyday life.


The application will analyze the structure you select and then will let you know about its frequency and duration.

For ease of use tips, reminders and notifications are provided by the app.

available downloads

To start using CHUDO you only have to download the application on your mobile device and select the desired structure.

iOS ver. 7 and later
Android ver. 4.0 and later
Скоро Windows Phone


The package includes:
CHUDO Connector, connection cable, manual,
usb-charger and  5+ structures in the CHUDO app.
Using these structures will help you support your health in everyday life,
Other structures are available as built-in purchases.

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The package includes:
CHUDO Connector (3 items), connection cable, manual,
usb-charger and  5+ structures in the CHUDO app.
Using these structures will help you support your health in everyday life,
Other structures are available as built-in purchases.



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